Francis has been an Artist for over forty years, from spraying simple stencil outlines of vaporised people on walls of buildings in the West End of London, in the late 70s, to the fly-poster bombing of 'Warhol is Over' on the day Andy Warhol died, in February 87, on walls in London's Soho. Referencing John Lennon's iconic 'War is Over' poster campaign of 1971, which he revisited during the Gulf War(s) as 'Jihad is Over,' creating a postcard drop with 'Don't Panic' magazine.


A former art teacher he has exhibited in numerous London venues including

London Post with 60's Retro Nostalgia; Freud gallery with his Dead Blonds series; Vexed Generation with the Bar-code Nudes set and in many other solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. His solo show opened in Butterfly Fine Arts Gallery, Manchester in October 2016, Grid Art Fair in London late October 2016, Fusion 4 at Candid Arts, Islington, London


His work has a political and satirical edge to it, often commentating on current issues. See his 'Bones for Drones' and 'Walt's World' series.

He is currently concentrating on his Watercolour Narrative series of portraits.


Francis is working on a follow-up to his book: 'More Tales of The London Boulevardier. Excerpts from an Artists' (so-called) Life.' A diary set in London, it takes a satirical look through the eyes of Dave, a contemporary artist, and his adventures in the art world.

‘Tales of the London Boulevardier. Excerpts from an Artists’ (so-called) Life.’ Will be published March 2018 His previous novels featuring artist  Dave, the London Boulevardier are available from Amazon Books.


Francis has a studio in Hebden Bridge, where he works and teaches classes on watercolour techniques, drawing, and Process/Intuitive painting workshops. He organises a salon of creatives, artists, poets, photographers, sculptors, actors and clown trainers, (although he draws the line at mimes) which meet on a regular basis to share ideas and inspiration.


At the time of writing Francis had vanished into the world of light opera. be continued

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Art! What atrocities are committed in thy name?

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